The Imperial Realm::Miranda is a groundbreaking massively multiplayer real-time strategy game in the tradition of Command and Conquer™.
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Do you need the help of a software engineer who has shipped over thirty AAA games for a day, a week, or a month?
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Do you need the help of a software engineer who has shipped over thirty AAA games for a day, a week, or a month?

Network Consulting

Our goal is to design game network architectures that are cost effective, high performance, robust, and suitable for your company. We have been designing and implementing peer-to-peer and client-server game networking technologies since 2004.

Software Development

Do you need someone to build a feature you just don't have capacity or experience for? Do you need help hitting 60FPS? Do you need to bolster your bugfixing effort? Do you need a software engineer who is a self-starter, but can also be a teammate or a leader?
Secret Lair Games:
Secret Lair Games can help with all your software development needs.

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These are a few of the projects that Robert Basler of Secret Lair Games has contributed to:

The Imperial Realm::Miranda


The Imperial Realm::Miranda is a massively multiplayer seamless open-world real-time strategy game under development by Secret Lair Games. With no products on the market capable of supporting hundreds of avatars per-player in a single, massively multiplayer open-world, Secret Lair Games undertook research and development of the new technology required, in addition to a complete engine and game. To date Secret Lair Games has completed over 2,500 components and development is ongoing.
Miranda's client is written in C++ and the user interface is HTML5 and Javascript. The server is C++ and MySQL. The game uses a combination of original and licensed art.

AAA Games

Robert Basler worked on 33 AAA game titles in franchises such as Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Madden NFL Football and FIFA Soccer. He led a team of 3-8 software engineers who provided annual updates to a multiplayer library for Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii while working with game teams to design, develop, debug and certify their multiplayer features.

Lair Content Management System

The Lair Content Management System was developed to provide a more secure alternative to other popular CMS's. Lair CMS supports news/blog posts, forums, custom pages and comments and provides users with a consistent identity without requiring account creation. Other features include site skinning, sanitization of all inputs, and spam reduction via captcha, automated moderation and blacklisting. Lair CMS is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

Aurora Suite

Aurora Suite is Augmentative Communication software that adapts Microsoft Windows (previously DOS) to be usable by people with physical and learning disablities. The core feature is a word prediction engine that integrates itself into third party software such as Microsoft Word and attempts to guess what the person is typing and complete words for them. Numerous other writing support and communication tools are included in the suite.
Prior to launching Secret Lair Games, Robert founded Aurora Systems, Inc. with two partners. Multiple versions of the software were released over the 27 year history of Aurora Systems, Inc.. The first Aurora Suite was written entirely in x86 assembler for DOS (right image above.) Windows versions were written in C++.


The e-talk software was a picture and text based communication system for people with physical disabilities produced by The Great Talking Box Company. The initial software was developed by a third company. Aurora Systems, Inc. contracted to provide updates to the initial release and built the second release. The software ran on Windows CE hardware and was built in C++.


Secret Lair Games is based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

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